Friday, March 21, 2008

Objective: Finish My Resume

The Borders at Downtown Crossing really ought to pay me for advertising. Or maybe I should start paying them rent. In any case, during my downtime at any point since I've been in Boston for the past six years, Borders at Downtown Crossing has been my unofficial office. It's quiet but not library quiet, it's okay to talk to people. I've met a fair crowd of nifty people here. The staff are nice and my friend Matt R. from my first job in town works here on and off seasonally. There's electric outlets to plug in laptops, and it's centrally located, giving me access to a wide variety of wireless networks. It's a great place to have a coffee meeting, and, best of all, it's only a block and a half from Nate's office.

I'm here today, because I really want to finish my resume today. Now. Remember that networking thing I was talking about earlier this week? Well, here's how it worked out--in three days.

I saw an opening at a school that I have a fair amount of connectivity to (I know several alums, have been to some events, know someone who knows the development director, and I know two staff personally through professional associations, networking events, and graduate school). I called up my best contact and said I was interested in the post, and he talked with me for a while. I got the impression it wasn't quite what I wanted, but he helpfully gave me the contact info for the previous job holder, now alumni director at another local school. I called and spoke with her yesterday, and realized the job isn't one I really want. But, I sold myself enough in that phone call for her to email me today with a job opening there, asking me to send in my resume and cover letter asap, and saying she'll call my on Monday.


So I'm polishing here, in my unofficial office, surrounded by a stack of books on resume writing, since I don't think I'm going to have time to submit mine to anyone for review and return by the end of today. Eek, it's already after 2! Back to the books.

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Susan Bernstein said...

Hey Kate...
Totally smart approach! I'm impressed. I especially like that you did some homework on the first job by calling the person who used to have it. Mega brownie points for parlaying THAT call into the chance to interview for a potentially better job. I hope a bunch of people follow in your footsteps (phone steps?) and learn the fine art of conversation. I'm guessing you asked a few strategic questions...I bet your readers would love to know what they are. Well, at least I would!


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