Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Objective Of My Affection

I know some people who think Objectives on a resume are stupid and meaningless. After a consult with Sue of The Resume Group, I've decided I want one. As Sue puts it, it tells more of a story than the basic laundry list of my career. I'm currently working with:


To construct a dynamic Annual Giving program for a growing higher education institution in Boston; to develop sophisticated solicitation strategies, building on past successes; to lead and work with an energetic and enthusiastic team of professionals; to meet and exceed solicitation and giving goals

I see this as being expressive of myself: ambitious, specific, and a type-A personality. It can be modified for other positions, but it tells you what I want, and what I do.

Another, less obvious perk of having written a solid Objective: I can now compare job postings with this objective to see if they match. If a job doesn't cover what my Objective does, I can more easily pass over applying for it.

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