Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

The worst thing about unemployment, that looming spectre in my life, is the problem of no income. We know from the last time it happened, that we can survive on Nate's income, but really, if you live in an expensive city like Boston, you must know that it's difficult to do this in the long term--two people on one income.

I've already adopted some of the easiest strategies: no more toffeenut lattes from Starbucks, no more gleeful trips to Ann Taylor, making homemade cookies for snacks instead of picking up a box of oreos, etc. And forget my weekly lottery ticket.

But how will this work in the long term? I know the economy is bad, and yes, dammit, let's all admit we're in a recession, and so I'm going to plan that I'll be out of work for at least a year.

I've considered temping in the meantime, because temps can be hired permanently, and it could get me in the door somewhere interesting. I've already started sorting through my CDs, books, and DVDs to find ones to sell on I'm even considering running ads on this site, although I don't think I draw enough traffic to profit from that. I know some people have a "tip jar" on their websites, but I don't feel right asking readers to subsidize my unemployment.

I've also discovered the site Get Rich Slowly, which has some sensible ideas on debt reduction and fiscal management. I am particularly fond of the site's mission, which is devoted to the idea that we can all become masters of our fiscal domain, and the idea of "get rich quick" is a complete myth.

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