Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Workaholic on a Sick Day

It's cold and flu season, and like most offices, mine is full of sick and semi-sick people. I've had something for a few weeks and yesterday squeezed in a trip to the doctor. I'm working on ten days worth of amoxicillin for my tonsilitis now, and managing to keep everything under control.

Nate on the other hand, hardly ever admits that he's sick. He works ridiculously hard, and like anyone under a lot of stress, he gets worn out. He's been sick for three weeks, and probably caught something from me and his office. This morning he staggered out of bed with a low grade fever and a cough that would rival that of any 19th century tubercular beggar.

So I did what any no-nonsense wife would do. I called his office and told them he was staying home today, I brought him some pain meds for his body aches, and I put him to bed. I think this is the first sick day he's taken since he started this job. I even called and made an appointment with his doctor for the afternoon, so he can go see someone about this nasty virus.

Besides, I learned from Marci Alboher that if you're sick, everyone wants you to stay home. Hopefully he'll sleep all day, go to the doctor, get some meds, and I can come home to a Nate who is more like himself than a hacking, wheezing zombie.

Edited: Nate has apparently been suffering from walking pneumonia. He called me to tell me this, starting with "I'm sicker than you are..."

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