Monday, April 28, 2008

Forseeable Pros

While neither Company X nor New Haven U have made an offer yet, they haven't taken me out of the race yet. I think Company X was waiting for me to finish the New Haven U interview, and NHU only saw me on Thursday, it's far too soon.

But, as an optimist, I've been thinking over which job I would choose should they both make me an offer. There's a lot of things going for both, here are a few samples:

Company X - Pros:

1. Good Office: everyone there spoke highly of the AVP and VP. The basic consensus was that both are working hard to push the office forward, and both take their team seriously and treat them with respect.

2. Creative Control: This job would involve a fair amount of decision making, something that I prefer to do. From idea to execution, I would have a high level of control over the work.

3. Growth: Company X is small, and it would be easy to measure leaps forward in success. It's in a period of growth right now, which is always an exciting time.

4. Location: It's in Boston, just a few T stops from my in-laws.

New Haven U - Pros:

1. Enthusiastic Team: the people I met, particularly those who would be my colleagues, were very gung-ho about their work. They had a lot of exuberance, and a good sense of humor.

2. Collaboration: I wouldn't be on my own; there would be a lot of people working with me, and I would have a lot of people to help me develop new ideas.

3. Traditon: NHU is an old school with a lot of traditions, particularly a tradition of giving. There would be a lot of material to work with in terms of appealing to alumni.

4. Planning: Because of its established history, I wouldn't be creating new strategies from scratch, which I know from experience is very difficult and draining. With a framework in place, I would be starting off behind.

There are plenty of other pros (and cons), but to keep listing might give away more than I'd like to say. Both places have missions that I can really identify with, even though they are drastically different places.

Part of why I'm spending so much time thinking about this (even as I prepare my next round of cover letters, should neither place make an offer), is that I haven't had to make such a momentous decision since I chose my college. To move or not to move, to stay small or go big, to take charge or join the team, these are some of the things I want to think about. I want the next job to be the right one; I want them to want me as much as I want them.

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