Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Literary Self

One thing I've been doing since starting this job search is allowing myself time to read. Time to really read as much of my favorite papers and magazines as I want to, catch up on my favorite blogs, read more about ways to keep myself fiscally solvent, and also work on a pile of books I have in the house.

I'm currently engrossed in The Quiet Girl by Peter Hoeg, author of Smilla's Sense of Snow. Following that I have the classic Peyton Place, and some Edith Wharton.

And otherwise? I've been working on some of my own writing, things that have been on my scratch pad for a while and are waiting for the proper attention. I was thinking of this, reading about Angela's quest to write a novel, and how the story I have partially on paper and partially in my laptop is nearly 7 years old, and it's still a relentless, tenacious sense in my imagination. I'm allowing the story to come to light again, and hopefully this time its shape will hold up under scrutiny, and it will grow instead of limp.

But of course, all of this takes a backseat to the job search. I have three upcoming interviews; one is a second interview on Tuesday, the second is a first interview on Friday, and next week an in-person interview as a follow up to a phone call. I'm excited about the last one especially; I'll get to take the train out of state for the day, and perhaps visit a friend who also works for this school. But I can certainly get a lot of reading done on the train too.

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