Monday, April 14, 2008

Motivation Monday

Sleeping late is a perk of being unemployed. And yet, today I got up with Nate and was at the gym at 8:30 today. I spent almost two hours working out, and now I feel pretty darn peppy. My plan for the rest of today is to prep any lingering questions for tomorrow's second interview, which involves everything from drafting an agenda of what I want to cover to picking out what I'm going to wear, and looking for any news on the company online.

Tomorrow I'm getting up early again; I have an 8:00 am dentist appointment. At least I know that tomorrow I will have sparkling teeth to show off. I made the appointment six months ago, when I figured it would be easiest to go in before work, and now I'm using it as motivation not to sleep late tomorrow either. The way I see it is this: I slept late everyday last week, and now I should get back to a normal schedule. Particularly since the hours at two of my interviewing companies start before 8:30, and I am not known as the world's best morning person.

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