Saturday, April 12, 2008

Politically Speaking

I've been wearing my Clinton button for about a month now, since I saw her at a rally in Boston. And I'm really happy to report that many people are very happy to use that button as an opener for a conversation about the political situation in this country.

I've talked with Obama supporters, people who don't really know who they're going to vote for, and many Clinton supporters. There are a lot of different reactions to the button, such as:

"She'll be a good president because her husband was a good president and she learned a lot from him." --9 year old girl at State Street T stop

"It's so unfair how everyone calls her by her first name, while all the men are called by their last names." --counter guy at JP Licks in Jamaica Plain

"Look honey! It's a picture of our next president!" --Mom to her 4 year old daughter at Back Bay T stop

"I think she'd do a good job, but I'm an Obama supporter. Hey, look for "The Obama Song" on YouTube in the next few weeks, that's us." --Couple on the Blue Line

I think what makes me happiest is the people that stop and have a real conversation about who they will vote for and why, even if it's not Clinton. Because the conversation, and stopping and thinking about the democratic process is really what this election should be about.

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