Friday, April 25, 2008


I don't know why I was so nervous yesterday. The interview went very well, and I really enjoyed meeting everyone there. I could definitely see myself working there. The alumni seem to be very enthusiastic about the school, let's just call it New Haven U, and the people who work there look very satisfied with what they do.

I had brought my portfolio with me, which was a big help in explaining some of the work I've done previously. Although my crowning achievement project tripped me up a little, because some of their questions required that I tell them about some of the issues I had with the job. It's very difficult to find a way to explain how I worked for two months on the project only to have my supervisor shelve it. On the bright side, it's been used recently by other people in the office, so I know it had a positive impact. I don't like to speak ill of anyone, because you never know how it will come back and haunt you. The only person who really gets to hear my upset is Nate.

Overall, I feel very positive about New Haven U. I think I feel better about them than I do about Company X. The big difference is if I worked at New Haven U, I'd have to move, out of state. For Company X, I'd also probably move--but only across town to ensure a better commute and getting to the office on time. At this point, the ball is not in my court; this is the waiting period.

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