Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Second Thoughts

Today is the big second interview. Today was supposed to be brilliantly scheduled, beginning with a cleaning at the dentist's office, a morning at the gym, a trip home to change and then off to the interview.

And yet, even though I got up early, and left the house extra early, the Blue Line broke down, and instead of making the five minute commute to the dentist, I ended up on a substitute bus with a driver who didn't quite know the route and was late enough to my appointment that they couldn't squeeze me in. Normally, I try very hard not to complain about the T, even though it's a popular urban pastime. And yet, I am really pissed off about this. Now I am paranoid about getting to the gym, back home, and then to the interview on time, and so I've moved the gym to the afternoon, after the interview. I'm sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for the Blue Line to put itself right again so I can go home and change and leave the house extra, extra early, and spend some time in the area of the interview so I will not be late.

I suppose I'm being overly; wouldn't you? I've put so much time and effort into all of this--I can't stand the thought of making a mistake now. I went over what I wanted to ask about with Nate last night, and he told me to go with the more sedate black ensemble over pale blue with coordinating paisley blouse. I'm just nervous, no two ways about it.

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