Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy As A Bee

May is a strange month in New England: part cold, part warm, and most trees start to put out leaves. There's plenty of wind to keep a chill in the air, but after being cooped up for so long, people begin to look for any excuse to be outside.

It's also a month of incredible activity.

There are several birthdays in my family in May, including Nate. And then there's Mother's Day. This year, we have the added bonus of Nate's Commencement from graduate school, my high school reunion, and a business trip to Arizona. My every weekend is booked for the month. At least this weekend had plenty of culture in it.

This weekend, we went to the MFA to see the Spanish Masters exhibit. Also, we had the Boston Ballet's Swan Lake, with a different choreography by Mikko Nissinen, the artistic director. Larissa Ponomarenko danced as Odette/Odile, and it was truly magnificent. She's my favorite dancer in the company, and it was amazing to watch her take on the essence of a swan in her dancing. The choreography was more difficult that the usual, and I was a little disappointed that Von Rothbart's character became much smaller. (I always feel that Von Rothbart has the best part in Swan Lake.)

This week involves follow up on two places where I've interviewed, two new applications, and at least one networking call. Additionally, I have a paid project to work on, and a book to finish that I'll be reviewing. Lastly, I am determined to get in four trips to the gym this week. It may not sound like much, but somehow it gets to be a daunting list--and I'm sure things will be added throughout the week.

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