Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Networking Abounds

When people say "it's a small world," they're not kidding.

I spent a week on an application for a job at a local charter school. Today, I had an informational interview with a development director at a local Pilot school. We had a great talk, and he sent off a recommendation email to the Charter school. He also gave me some great advice to use should I land an interview.

I checked in with my mentor, and she knew the Pilot school director, and also let me know that she knew a few more people connected with the Charter school. I wonder if I'll stumble on any other connections this week.

In other news, Company X has given me the silent treatment, and I'm going to assume that I didn't make the cut--but I'd still like the job. I haven't heard from New Haven U either, but I know they had a bigger search pool, so I'm more hopeful there.

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