Monday, May 12, 2008

Taking a Risk

In January, I applied for a position with an organization that I adore. While that position was filled, the Director of the company contacted me about another position he wanted to interview me for. And I was tempted, but he made the offer just as I was accepting another, and I kindly turned him down.

Today, in my perusal of the job boards, I saw another post at the same place, Creative Company. It's something I can do, would love to do, and so, I wrote a cover letter and sent out my resume to the email on the positing. After a few moments, I wrote a thoughtful email to the Director who contacted me in January, saying that I would be interested in meeting with him.

Thirty seconds later, the email bounces. He's not there anymore.

I have often looked longingly at positions at Creative Company. It's a place I like to go, and I support them anyway, so I can definitely see myself working there. And yet, one of my career mentors always tells me to stay away from them. I think applying for a job there is the only time I've ever gone against my mentor's advice. She's worked with them, and is a powerhouse in the non-profit industry, and she's never steered me wrong. The way I look at it, I can take an interview (if they contact me), and I can compare my mentor's input with the atmosphere at the interview. The worst that can happen is my mentor could be right, and I could not take a job there.

Have you ever gone against the advice given to you?

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WorkingDefinition said...

Kinda yes and no. Good question though. I'd be curious for a follow up to this one.

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