Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blog Options and Strategic Planning

Today I looked at WordPress. I've been very happy for the most part with Blogger, but I would like a new layout that isn't so generic. There are some nice ones that can be customized in WordPress, but the huge drawback for me is the fact that it won't allow me to used my Amazon widgets. While some might say, how much money are you actually making from your Amazon referrals, I would point out that it's my second-most profitable online venture after I'm not willing to let that go.

I'm personally proud of the growth that I've been able to sustain for this blog. Last year at this time, I had roughly 20 readers per day; currently I average at 75. I used to write solely for myself; now I write for three blog networks: Brazen Careerist, the Women's DISH, and Damsels in Success. And I even have my own trolls on a secret forum who exist simply to trash my writing and make fun of me.

For the next year, I'd like to double readership, and start having some guest posters to expand my network. In the next month, I want to develop a proper business plan in order to expand the site's profitability and publicity. I'm having a lot of success with recruiters who are attracted to my online writing; in a lot of ways, blogging is like having an online portfolio.

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mice said...

Take a look at vox. Its not perfect but it has some great things about it that I find pretty cool.

- Your loyal reader.

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