Monday, June 09, 2008

Finding A Forgotten Favorite

Since beginning the great selling of books/music/movies on, I've discovered a number of items that I'd forgotten were in my collection. Granted, there are well over 700 cds in our house and I can't begin to count the books, but really, I'm enjoying re-discovering some gems I'd overlooked for some time.

Tops on this list would be Nellie McKay's 2004 album, Get Away From Me. I picked this up after reading a review in the New Yorker and hearing a sample on a site somewhere. I remember being intrigued by the idea of a singer being compared to Doris Day and Eminem--simultaneously. It's a strange album, particularly with a mere 16 songs spread out over two discs.

Her songs are amazingly singable and I love the lyrics. My favorite track has always been "Sari" with its strange rap overlaid with some sort of slide whistle and complex keyboards. My favorite part is the last verse:

I don't wanna say, "diiiie motherfucker!"
But I wouldn't mind if you did
Sometimes even the nice girl's ego has to override the id
And so before I flip my lid my crib
And get myself out of this bind
You can hear what's on my lips but you don't know
What's in my mind

I love that last line so much, because that so closely describes how I feel about my inability to express what I'm thinking properly.

Her songs are a melange of genres, country, blues, jazz, rap, pop, and more. She tackles President Bush, feminism, gay bashing, traditional marriage, obsession with a neighbor, impatience at waitstaff, and dog walking. I'm sure you'll find something interesting.

When I found the album nestled next to Sarah McLaughlin's Fumbling Toward Ecstasy, I copied it onto my MacBook, and googled Nellie McKay. I discovered that she was the familiar face I had seen in P.S. I Love You on the TV at the gym last week. And she has a new album, Obligatory Strangers. Happily, the BPL has a copy that I've ordered. I'll let you know if it's as good as this album.

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Florinda said...

I love that album too, but your favorite track on it is one of my least favorites. I like the way you just can't classify her.

(I'm not sure I've left you a comment before, so - hello!)

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