Thursday, June 19, 2008

John McCain Is A Misogynist

One of my least favorite words in the world is THIS. I won't write it in this blog, because of the level of insult it conveys.

And you know what? That word is what John McCain called his wife. Yes! If this man cannot even respect his wife, how do you think he would treat the rest of American women? Since Dick Cheney crossed the ""Go fuck yourself" line on the Senate floor, I can see John McCain lobbing this epithet at Nancy Pelosi, or any other Congresswoman.

Would you really want to put a man in charge of the country who fights against women's reproductive rights and calls them derogatory names? I certainly wouldn't. And why aren't more people aware of this misogyny? That's right! Because of the conservative media.

Video via Feministe

2 responses:

Unknown said...

Fighting for the right to choose...John McCain!

Women for John McCain - carrying John McCain towards victory in our Prada handbags!

KEHutchinson said...

Thanks for the link.. I was almost afraid it was a real site for a moment!

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