Thursday, June 12, 2008

Marriages of Convenience

I almost don't think this item from New York Magazine needs a comment:

The invitation for the Fashion Meets Finance event held last Thursday at Taj read, "Women in fashion need men who can facilitate their pre-30 marriage/retirement plan … And men in finance need women who will allow them to leverage their career in their dating equity." Who would've thunk such copy would draw so many people to RSVP (over 1,000 — twice the capacity of Taj) that the organization would have to turn away more than half of them? We mean, when we first reported on this event, we assumed women like us would find the premise (a) unnecessary since it's impossible to have a drink more than two feet from a banker (or their ilk) in this city and (b) repulsive/offensive since it assumes fashion chicks are blatant gold diggers. We thought the whole thing might prompt a good portion of them to prove they weren't.

Here's what a few women said about the event:

Cindy, a twentysomething, tried to pretend she didn't care about salary but fails to convince:

"It wasn't really about how much they made, it was about where they worked, and it was the fact they were willing to put their names and the amount they were making … That they were that confident to put it into the profile" — [Ed. note: This is an optional part of the sign-up process] — "that was interesting to me."

Jessica Anderson, 31, said:

"Women want to meet successful men. You don't want to marry some loser."

And Kerry, 26, confessed:

"[My mate's income] has to be higher than mine … All women are looking for labels or love."

Don't these women know a man's money isn't nearly as important as the way he looks? Don't tell us we're the last people who are shallow like that.

Is this a New York thing--meet-ups for potential pairings based on looks and wealth? I'm particularly piqued by the pre-30 marriage/retirement plan. Maybe I just don't travel in the right circles, but the idea the 2,000 people signed up for this asset-based meat market is truly bizarre. It would be nice if this outfit would turn out some stats, like how many couples get married after meeting at this event, and the average looks-to-wealth ratio. If you're going to strip down a relationship to the idea that men provide money and women provide arm candy, you might as well provide proof that it works.

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