Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Adopt A Cat

Today I rescued a cat from the stray population in my backyard. His name is Tommy and he's a brown tiger cat with a white locket and socks. Tommy is about one and a half years old, and was somebody's kitten before he was tossed out of the house. Since then, he has been hanging out in my backyard, socializing with my other strays, Gigi and Danny. A loving tomcat, he enjoys head rubs and back scratches, nuzzling anyone in sight. He does come when you click your tongue at him, and likes being snuggled and sitting in laps.

Currently, Tommy (who loved being inside a house today), is at the local ASPCA getting a checkup from the vets. He will be treated for a few scratches, and a small wound on his shoulder. Poor Tommy gets bullied from some of the bigger cats in the neighborhood, and has a small piece of his left ear missing. I'll be giving him a bath after I pick him up on Friday.

I would love to keep Tommy, but my lease only allows for the two cats I currently own. So I am searching for someone who will adopt this sweet boy and give him a nice home. He would be okay in a house with more than one cats, and his temperament makes me think he might even get along with a friendly dog. He could use some good feeding (he's on the skinny side), and just someone to share his bountiful affection with. If you would like to adopt Tommy or know someone who does, please drop me an email at k hutchinson 719 AT gmail DOT com. I would be willing to bring Tommy to you, if you live along the subway or commuter rail line, or you can come here and pick him up. (Pictures to follow on Friday--he's pretty darn good looking.)

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