Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Greatest Accomplishment

On Monday, I had a job interview, and I was asked by two different people, "What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?"

This is a fairly standard interview question. It's an opportunity for the candidate to push their track record, highlighting one of her biggest or most successful endeavors. But it's also a way for employers to weed out candidates; what if you answered "My daughter is my biggest accomplishment," or "I ran the Boston Marathon last year." That could be used as a gauge to argue that you are more interested in your personal life than you are in your work.

I have a wide range of projects that I'm very proud of, and my answer to this question is "I don't have any single greatest accomplishment." This is qualified by a list of increasingly important projects and goals that I've achieved, and a statement about how I am certain I will do things in the future that will be even bigger and better. Yes, most employers are looking for a track record, but I also want them to know that I have a lot of potential to keep growing and improving. I am not the sort to rest on my laurels.

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