Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Personal Space

When no one's looking, when I'm not on display, when I don't have to have a genuine looking smile on my face, maintain eye contact, and make my ankle stop jiggling, I love to sprawl. I like to read in bed splayed across the whole of it, free to move my legs anywhere I want to put them. On a sofa, my preferred position is my back flat on the cushions and my legs swung over the arm. At a desk, as I am now, I must set one foot on the seat with my knee poking up from my lap. That's just the way it is.

We all have our own attitudes towards personal space. Or living space. Nate demands cleanliness, I want to leave my sandals in the living room. But both of us agree, this is our last year in this apartment.

Twice now, after heavy rains, our phone line has gone out. Since our sole jack is behind the fish tank, I became so frustrated yesterday that I moved the tank. I was fed up with whatever leaking or splashing was causing the corrosion in our phone equipment. One thing led to another, and the whole living room had to be arranged. This led to a mild argument (Nate likes furniture not to be moved, and I hadn't consulted him), and then we thought about it some more. We realized that the problem is not our fish tank. The problem is more likely the house itself. The wall oozes moisture, and we think there's a leak from somewhere higher up in the wall, so that when it rains very hard, the water comes down and screws up our phone line.

Then there are the ruined floorboards I found, formerly under the sofa. They are moldy and squishy, and well, I know they must be the result of the leak in the shower that was fixed last month.

I have become completely fed up with this house. When we first moved in, it was charming, with its high ceilings, wood moldings, and so forth. Now every day, I find something new wrong: a leak in the shower, disintegrating tiles in the kitchen, circuits that continually pop when I run the microwave.

If there were two incomes, we'd move in a jiffy. As it is, we have to stay here, because it's cheap. So now, my new motivation to find work is to get out of this house. Because if we stay here much longer, I'll probably step through the floor into the basement one of these days.

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Dave said...

I hope you are able to get to a better place!

However, it's not hard to find many things wrong with most house. Even many of the best have hidden problems.

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