Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shopping in the Basement

For those of you who know Boston, you know that finding a great deal at the Basement meant Filene's Basement, the bastion of automatic markdowns and great designer merchandise, if you didn't mind open dressing rooms and the annual fist fight that is the Bridal Gown Sale. Sadly, Filene's Basement is no more, well, it's pretending to exist on Boylston St., but really it's nowhere near the bargain haven it once was.

I have fond memories of the Basement, where I bought my first suit (black woven striped Anne Klein), my brief bag (black white stitched Nine West), and my red-carpet worthy diva gown (red silk crepe and lace Oscar de la Renta).

Today, deciding to break the monotony of yoga capris and tank tops, I vaguely remembered a black linen Ann Taylor dress in storage in the basement of my own home. My own personal basement, as it were. And under boxes of jigsaw puzzles and books, I found my giant storage box of clothes. It was like a shopping experience unto itself. Things I had forgotten about: teal and cream shirred skirt, crisp cotton pleats with crocheted accents, the red linen cocktail dress, a vintage floral wraparound, a purple cotton embroidered halter dress, and yes, the black Ann Taylor number. Also, my missing pair of khaki shorts.

In my current state, of course I am not shopping (and anyone who knows me, knows I really love to shop), so this just about made my week. There was more in the box, but I only wanted a couple of things. I think I'm going to take some items I don't wear much anymore down there and put them away. Then maybe in a year, I can "find" them again and have another happy surprise.

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