Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Taking Rejection In Stride

I got a phone call today from Corp Theatre. Sadly, it was not a call with a job offer.

But while I didn't get a job offer from my dream job, it was still one of the nicest phone calls I've had with a hiring manager in ages. The Director praised my skills, and let me know that she appreciated all the hard work I put into applying and interviewing. She told me that it was a difficult choice to make at the end, but they chose someone else who had more experience with direct ticketing (which is part of the job).

On the bright side, the Director was completely sincere with me, and I really appreciated that. She told me that she wanted to keep my resume, should they have any openings in the future. This was not the standard, "we'll keep your resume on file," line. This was an actual person telling me that she was impressed with me and she was hoping there would be an opportunity for me again in the future.

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