Monday, July 07, 2008

To Wit, To Write

I found the most glorious quote today on Kate Harding's blog, Shapely Prose:

I always presumed that I would be a writer, without actually doing any writing. I think I thought I was going to get a phone call from somebody one day saying they had a vacancy for a novelist. When I realised that this wasn’t going to happen I thought it was about time to do something.
-Nick Hornby

More than I can really say, this sums up how I'm feeling right now about my writing. I've been considering all the writing I did in high school, in college, and how I used to just love to write for the sheer joy of putting words on the page. How even though I went through the steps of building a career in Higher Education and Fundraising, I still wanted to write, and did, on a blog, in a journal, in letters, and on deposit envelopes in ATM vestibules. (I still love to do this. I usually write something political, as in: "Vote for Obama, John McCain kicks puppies for fun.")

Looking at Hornby's words, I know I'm already on my way to doing something. I have personal goals of two posts/entries per day. I tell people in job interviews that I really want to write. I have a sketchbook with an emerging framework for a book I'd like to write. I have rough drafts, and I keep them all, and go back to them. Maybe it takes me longer to develop ideas than it used to, but I'm still hungry to keep going.

In this time of transition, more than anything else, I've realized that I want to write. Words are the tools of my trade, and I can't put them down.

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Torie Michelle said...

I know this feeling. I have the constant urge to write.

The problem is that I think all of the people who look at me with raised eyebrows when I tell them my major is "English and creative writing" have gotten to me a bit.

Everyone seems to think that writing (of any sort ) is not a profitable career, but correct me if I am wrong, just about every bit of living requires communication. And most of us use words for that. Haha.


T J said...

Like Torie, I totally relate. I think back to my high school days, like you, when I was writing for the sheer joy of it. I pull out my old drafts, magazine articles, etc. and think - hmmmm... I really want this again.

The quote you posted is so relevant for me. Yeah, I haven't gotten the 'phone call for a novelist' yet either. I've been feeling the pull to start clacking away on the keyboard again.

Thanks for inspiring me!

Tawnya @A Woman's Blog

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