Friday, August 22, 2008

How To Make It Into The Boston Business Journal

Taking his cue from the homeless, MBA graduate Robert Nims walked the streets of Boston’s financial district on Friday with a makeshift sign around his neck. But instead of asking for money, Nims is looking for a job in Boston. His sign, written in marker, says, “MBA for Hire.”

Nims, 24, said he knows he faces an uphill climb to get his dream job in project management or wealth management. “I’m like Rudy,” Nims said, comparing himself to the undersize Notre Dame hero in the football movie, “Rudy.” “I didn’t go to a top Ivy League program. I’m not gifted.”

As he says in the cover letter that he hands out on the street, “I did my MBA from a school in the middle of Ohio you’ve probably never heard of.” That’s Youngstown State University. But Nims does have moxie.

He said he currently works up to 50 hours a week at a New England financial services firm. He’s been taking Fridays off to walk the pavement and get exposure with his walking billboard at busy street corners in Boston. But last Friday, he got caught in a downpour, undercutting his plans. He also said he’s been told to take his walking billboard elsewhere by security guards near Post Office Square and the Pru.

“It’s probably the toughest job market in 15 years,” Nims said. “... I have a lot of respect for my current employer, but it’s not where I want to be.”

So if you’re looking for someone whose “learning curve is exponential” and “energy is endeless [sic]”, contact Nims at

This came through my Inbox as I was starting up my laptop to start writing notes on my first business school assignment, a case study. I think Nims' approach is definitely creative--although I would have used something a bit more eyecatching for the slogan.

Part of the reason I chose Simmons was the amazing network it gives it students and the career services office. So next year, you won't see me with a sandwich board. You'll see me on my way to the boardroom.

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