Monday, October 20, 2008

Engine Off Track

Today I write to you from the hallowed halls of Mass General Hospital, the same place that recently treated Sen. Ted Kennedy.  Last night I was quite ill, and ended up going to the emergency room.  This morning I was admitted and I go in for surgery sometime in the next hour.

I've never had major surgery before, and I will be quite frank that I'm a little afraid.  I'll write again when they let me go home.  

3 responses:

Anonymous said...

I hope everything is ok.... update when you can. Thinking of you.

Alison Hurlburt said...

Get well soon! I found you through Brazen Careerist, and I've been missing your posts since you started school. I hope you're back to blogging tout de suite!

Angela said...

Kate - I'm so sorry to hear you're ill. I sincerely hope you get better soon. Keep us updated.

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