Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Little Engine That Could

It's October now, and my first semester at Simmons is halfway over. As you might guess, I'm mostly occupied with my coursework, and additionally I've taken on a paid internship to help make ends meet.

I really enjoy my internship, and it makes everything I learn in school instantly applicable. In Quantitative Analysis, I've been learning about charting information and analyzing data, which lines up with the data analysis project I'm doing at work, tracking the efficacy of an email program. The position is in the Communications Office of the firm, and I have a chance to apply the theories I learn in Marketing to the outgoing communications pieces that I work on.

The job is a testimony to networking--my supervisor is a Simmons alumna, and I was introduced through the Simmons career services office.

I'm truly surprised by my ability to handle so much work at once, as well as still keeping in touch with friends and family, and spending enough time with my husband. I hope I can keep this up until December.

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WorkingDefinition said...

Keep it up - you looked and sounded fantastic.

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