Sunday, November 02, 2008

Go Vote

Yes, I've been MIA, I know, but here's what it comes down to. On Tuesday, you're going to go vote. VOTE.

You're going to vote because you care what happens to your country. Or because you want change in Washington. Or you're some nutbag who really wants McCain in office. Or you believe in the future, universal healthcare, tax reform, social services, education, and a president who can pronounce "nuclear", so you're going to put the best candidate, Barack Obama in the White House.

Or maybe just because Harrison Ford is so damn compelling.

Whatever. Take tomorrow to find out where your polling place is. Mark out a time to go vote. Maybe before work, on your coffee break, at lunch, whenever. Make sure you do it. Call someone to give you a ride there if necessary. Just make sure it's on your schedule, or BlackBerry or whatever.

It's your future.


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