Thursday, November 27, 2008

An Interview With Kate

Q: Hey, Kate. Long time no see? Where've you been?

A: At school. Having surgery. Getting my front teeth replaced. Working my internship. Trying not to neglect my husband and cats. Celebrating the elections. Meeting cool new people.

Q: So, okay, you've been busy. But you've been busy before. So why haven't you been writing?

A: Because I'm sleep deprived. Because I need every waking moment to study. Because I spend so much brain power on school that I have nothing left to blog with.

Q: Does this mean the end of Defending Pandora?

A: No. I have a month off from school coming up and I'm planning on finishing a lot of posts that I have started and posting them. I miss writing non-assigned work.

Q: Aha! So you *have* been writing. What have you been writing about?

A: Elections. The majesty of Barack Obama. Organizational behavior at my internship. The first female four star general in the United States Armed Forces.

Q: Well, I've missed you. Thanks for letting me know.

A: I'll be back next month, and until then, you can always follow me on Twitter!

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