Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Copy Editing

From the Nitpicking Department:

While the newspaper industry has been hit by audiences moving to digital news over the morning paper, I applaud the effort to keep up with breaking news via the web. However, I've noticed several online articles over the past few weeks with major typos. Last week, I found "in the the office" in a NY Times piece. Missing apostrophes are [not] everywhere. I often think of these things as one-offs, not caught by a spelling/grammar check program. I was completely disproven today.

A screenshot of an article from the WSJ on Capital One's loan losses:

Twice, Reiker uses "oversees" instead of "overseas." So I shot him an email pointing out the error (I certainly want to know when I've made errors). He replied almost instantly:

Yep. That’s wrong. Thank’s for pointing it out. Sorry
about that. Matthias
I think I'm going to send in my resume to the WSJ to check copy. And emails.

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Vanessa said...

Yesterday I read an article about how a bar's lease is due April 31, 2009.

Mind you the article was in the commuter rag, not a very high-level paper.

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