Friday, May 15, 2009

Media Consumption

This week has been a lovely vacation between spring and summer semesters, and I've been taking the time to read the pile of books that waited patiently all spring for me:

Alberto Ferraras wrote this lovely Cinderella tale about a larger woman learning to find her inner beauty. It could be dismissed as fluff, but I really enjoyed the descriptions of B incrementally building her self-esteem. I also admit that reading about B's transformation was fairly uplifting, to the point that I started to re-evaluate my own self image. It's a quick read, good for the subway or beach.

Girls in Trucks was a lot heavier than I expected, but Katie Crouch has an incredible writing talent. The story follows Sarah Walters as she wanders from her tradition-steeped home in Charleston, South Carolina to the North. The characters are deftly created, multi-layered with real feelings. While Sarah is undoubtedly the heroine, the supporting characters are incredibly real and play major roles in the story. Some are mirrors for Sarah, some are alternate realities, and some hold promise for her future, or repeat her past. The ending reminds me of my favorite classic movies, where there is no neat ending, but enough resolution to allow the reader to imagine where the story will go beyond the last pages.

I loved Carrie Fisher's classic Postcards from the Edge; Wishing Drinking is another animal altogether. It's funny, witty, and based on Fisher's one woman show, which I now would love to go see, because I'm pretty sure it's all better in person. If you've never read any of Fisher's previous books, you might not want to start with this one; it's very self-referential, meandering--almost navel gazing. But above all, funny. I laughed out loud reading this book, and particularly enjoyed the photos that accompany the stories. Such as the two page layout of all the different ways that her family is connected, with its multiple marriages.

This one I'm still working on, but it's a classic historical murder mystery, which most people know is something I can't resist. I can remember when this book first came out, and everyone I knew read it. At the time I was not into crime novels, preferring to plow through, say, the complete works of Alexandre Dumas. (The Count of Monte Cristo is my absolute favorite book of all time.) I'll let you know how this one goes.

And then, in addition to books, I've picked up some albums from the library:

I'd love to hear any suggestions for books or music for my next vacation in August.

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Vanessa said...

Here's some good music from Canada:

Hey Rosetta! From Newfoundland, this band has been touring back and forth across the country like mad for the past year and have been gaining increasing recognition. I would suggest checking out their single Another Pilot!

The Old Familiar I think this guy writes the most amazing songs. My favourite is Rest for the Weary.

Dan Mangan Awesome Vancouver singer-songwriter.

Said the Whale Carefree rock... the Light is You is short and sweet.

Bend Sinister I recommend checking out "Time Breaks Down." Nat Jay is another emerging singer. She's been getting lots of play on American TV shows..

Tom said...

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