Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Really, I try to make this blog less personal than it used to be, but I simply cannot restrain myself from sharing this. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that my status updates for the past month have revolved around my Market Research presentation which went off last week. I definitely felt it went well, but it was great to get this email from my professor today:

Congratulations again on an outstanding presentation. I think it is as close to a “prefect” presentation as any I have seen from MBA students in my 8 years teaching at SOM. I was extremely impressed with your presentation content. You did an excellent job of weaving together a lot of disparate information into a very cohesive overview. Your “key findings” sections were instrumental in keeping the viewer anchored in the implications, and the work you did creating the matrix took the data to a very impressive level of abstraction, showing that you could very effectively use data in very applied and meaningful ways. Your delivery too was extremely good, demonstrating each of you to be mature and accomplished presenters. I will send you some more feedback with my review of your document, but just wanted to let you know what an outstanding job you did of the presentation. You made me proud to be a SOM faculty member last Wednesday!

I attribute this fantastic result to a great team of dedicated professionals. I have never worked with such an incredible group before, and I was very proud to work alongside the other women in my team. There was a lot of sharing, discussion, hard work, and appreciation for each other. I took away a lot from this class in terms of building a solid presentation and paper as part of a group, time management with disparate scheduling, and using technology to organize the project.

Thanks, team.

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Hopefully more woman can bring these values to our government.

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