Saturday, October 17, 2009

Customer Service Gets Personal: Part 2

Wow. I never thought this thing would have such legs. But hey! Apparently people had a lot to say about my experience at Elizabeth Grady.

My situation analysis turned up on the front page of

It was the subject of a great discussion on Blake's Customer Service IQ blog.

And my favorite of all, it was mentioned on HubSpot TV. (You can also look up HubSpot on iTunes and subscribe to their weekly broadcast.)

There were some people who felt I was "looking for a handout" about this experience, which surprised me. I don't often go to the trouble to challenge bad service. I think of a bad haircut and color I once got, and I just went to another place and had it redone. Most of the time, I just walk away and take my business elsewhere. The reason I went back and was so aggressive about the wax was because it really hurt, for a while afterward, and I have always had a higher quality of customer service there. My expectations were that they would want to fix a job poorly done.

I was also surprised and how courteous and conversational the comments were. I felt really vulnerable writing about the topic, and I was pleasantly surprised not to have anyone make any seriously out-of-line comments. Yes, someone called me greedy, but no one called me anything I couldn't take.

In the end though, it is about customer service. As HubSpot TV put it, as a customer, I have a huge (well, maybe not that huge) megaphone to use to tell the world about my bad customer service. Treat your customers right because customer service is your business.

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