Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

New York Magazine's blog, Daily Intel (one of my daily must-reads) called yesterday for stories about the kindness of strangers in New York City. This has inspired me to ask Bostonians for similar stories, because I will always believe in the innate goodness of most of humanity (Bernie Madoff excluded).

Practicing random acts of kindness, aside from being a favorite bumper sticker, is something I try to incorporate into my daily life. Few things actually mean more to me than making someone else happy through help. This can come in many forms--earlier this week, I stopped to ask a woman staring at a map if she needed directions and was able to point her to Canal street. On my honeymoon to Martha's Vineyard, I gave away the free ride from catching the brass ring on the Flying Horses carousel to a kid who was too short to reach the ring dispenser.

Here is a story about one of my favorite random acts of kindness that someone did for me:

A few years ago just before Thanksgiving, on street-sweeping day, I left my apartment only to see my husband's car still on the street -- as the street sweeper and the meter maid approached.

The street sweeper stopped, said he would wait for me to move the car. Only problem: I doesn't have a license and can't drive a stick shift.

'The street sweeper himself, seeing the BTD car with meter maid inside pulling on to our street, asked me for the keys, and he so smoothly drove the car to an empty parking spot right in front of our house. He said I didn't deserve a ticket and he was happy to do it. I couldn't believe it, but I was incredibly happy.


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